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QualiBuild (Energy Training for Construction Workers for Low Energy Buildings)

Duration: 33 months (November 2013 - July 2016)
LIT Project Budget: €262,491
Total Project Budget: €1,162,627


QualiBuild follows on from the BUSI I BUILD Up Skills Irish Roadmap project which was completed in 2013. It is part of a European wide initiative to develop National Roadmaps on training and upskilling construction workers, so that Member States can meet their 2020 energy targets.

The BUSI II BUILD UP Skills QualiBuild project was developed with the principal focus on upskilling and training, craft workers and general operatives in the building construction sector, regarding energy-efficient buildings in Ireland.

The QualiBuild project developed a train the trainers programme in the energy and construction sector and upskilled building construction workers in this vital field. Further actions were in the form of a national skills registration system which will assist construction workers in profiling their skills and qualifications relevant to quality low energy building.

Aims and Objectives of the Project
  • Develop and pilot a Foundation Energy Skills Programme (FES) to upskill construction workers in the field of quality low energy building and develop communication and awareness skills on site.
  • Design and Implement a ‘Train the Trainers’ programme to increase the knowledge and competency of trainers involved in construction training.
  • Create a Quality Skills Registration System, driven initially by industry, which will provide a transparent means of demonstrating the level of competency and knowledge that the craft workers/ operatives have in relation to quality low energy buildings.
  • Rollout a Communication and Awareness Campaign, targeted to convince consumers, workers and construction companies of the value of addressing quality when completing low energy building projects.
  • To ensure that the BUSI I Roadmap actions are fully integrated into the Irish construction sectors, a national ‘Rollout Plan’ was developed for the full implementation of the BUSI Roadmap, transfer ownership of BUILD UP Skills QualiBuild outputs to relevant stakeholders and set objectives for post 2020. 

Further Information

Project Factsheet (PDF)

Project website


Lis O' Brien
Project Officer

Seamus Hoyne
Development Unit Manager

LIT Activities (Development Unit)

  • Project coordinator, responsible for management and monitoring of project delivery.
  • Designing and developing the content, plus the delivery of the Foundation Energy Skills programme (FES).
  • In partnership with the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB), pilot the FES and Train the Trainers programmes.
  • The organisation, design and implementation of the QualiBuild website and social media platforms.
  • Responsible for coordinating communication with the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), to ensure appropriate outreach and attendance to many of the events and conferences.
  • Attend the EASME EU Exchanges. Meeting with other build up skills coordinators.​