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TUS Client's Response to COVID-19

A number of resident-clients in the Tipperary and Limerick Enterprise centres are actively involved in projects associated with tackling the COVID-19 crisis.


H&MV Engineering

Using TCEC as a hub when required.

  • Critical essential service provider, maintaining high-voltage power lines
  • Prioritising medical centres and hospitals to ensure continuity of supply so they can operate at full capacity

A number of contracts are suspended, but connection for wind farms to national grid is continuing.


Gearoid O’Rourke: A&C Chemicals

They are using QUESTUM for its connectivity to coordinate and manage processes and their production facilities in Limerick and Canada

  • Testing buffer solutions for the HSE this week
  • Working very closely with a vaccine manufacturer on a vaccine
  • A couple of materials produced by A&C will be used in the first trials
  • Have made hand sanitizer free of charge for communities in Ireland and Canada, manufactured out of both facilities.

Peter Dobbyn: Advanced Plasm Tech

Peter is working on three projects. Using QUESTUM as a delivery point for materials and as a fabrication and assembly station for prototype plasma units

  • Working directly in the supply chain of ventilators with Medtronic and with another Galway based Irish micro Mouldings
  • Working with Queens University in Belfast to treat water with cold plasma, which will be used in a demisted form as a sterilising spray
  • Developing a cold plasma unit that changes the surface structure of agar, allowing potential COVID19 test samples to be culture and tested in a shorter timeframe.

Conor O’Neill: One Box Vision

Conor is using QUESTUM for its connectivity whilst working on three projects for the medical and food sectors:

  • Amcore Sligo – helping with the development of new medical packing for Abbott;
  • Alkermes/BioGen formerly Elan in Athlone – consulting on their purchase of a new bottling line in their midlands production facility;
  • Amcore US – building a new system to verify the presence of protective coating on medical and food packaging using UV tech. Deliveries of parts are due into QUESTUM over the next few weeks, which will be assembled and tested on-site before being shipped and exported to the States by mid to late May;

Tom Brennan: Coolmore Consulting & Entrepreneur in Residence

Tom is using the connectivity in QUESTUM to work and coordinate on two projects:

  • Helping one of the advisors of Ireland HSE South-East Crisis Management Team who is a former board colleague in Holles St Hospital.
  • In process of planning a clinical trial application in conjunction with SFI for rapid response research against COVID19.

Muriel Cuddy & Darren Murray: Health & Fitness Ireland

Using QUESTUM as a central base and for its connectivity.

  • Working with SME’s and micro-businesses through the Business Continuity Voucher Scheme
  • Providing a limited COVID19 screening service, mentoring regarding mental health and stress management for owners and employees of micro-enterprises in Tipperary.
  • The driving force behind this is suicide prevention and the devastating ripple affect amongst immediate family, friends and the wider community – both social and commercial.