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Health & Fitness Ireland

Health and Fitness Ireland is a company dedicated and passionate about providing a service that will enhance and improve the quality of our client’s lives by putting them back in control of their own health, fitness, nutritional and wellbeing needs through education, advice and motivation.

HFI’s services are based on all 3 areas of the HFI triangle. These 3 sides, makes it possible to positively affect the individual as a complete unit. HFI have a staff of 26 highly qualified professionals (minimum degree holders) that work in all environments to achieve the best results possible for companies, schools and sporting clubs. in 2018/19 HFI educated 26,000 pupils in over eighty schools nationally. HFI has also completed teacher training to over 500 teachers in that same time period. HFI also hold a strong presence in the club and county sport environments, assisting coaches in their roles and educating players and athletes to become the best version they can possibly be in their sporting environment. Amazing results have been obtained from people of all walks of life. HFI are an education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate and education environments.

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