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The TheraDep Solution

TheraDep™ Technologies addresses the profound medical need for an entirely new method of local, targeted, non-systemic delivery of a broad range of pure, active biologic materials or drugs. TheraDep can potentially provide affordable treatment for numerous medical conditions and impact the performance of certain medical devices.  TheraDep Technologies has a primary goal to achieve a new advancement in medical science with a unique therapeutic modality – the capability to ionically bond a broad spectrum of active bio-materials directly to human tissue or to a medical device surface.

TheraDep combines the therapeutic benefits of Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) with the unique ability to form a coating through applying an adherent layer of biomolecules, alone or in combination with other biomolecules or drugs. In a single activation and deposition step, the coatings are covalently bonded directly to a device surface or onto soft or hard tissue in via a non-contact procedure. The coating creates a patch consisting solely of the applied materials. The TheraDep™ process can eventually be developed for  endoscopic procedures. The coatings are chemically cross-linked and bound to the surface without the use of other linker agents or aggressive chemicals through a dry, ambient temperature process.

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