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Alexandra von Metzradt

Alexandra von Metzradt

My name is Alexandra von Metzradt and I am in 2nd year studying Quantity Surveying.

I chose to do this course after working with a Career Guidance Counsellor for a few months. I had started a course in 2019 that was absolutely not for me and left after 7 weeks. I knew I wanted to study something to do with numbers. My Career Guidance Counsellor and I looked at so many options and took lots of tests such as aptitude and ability tests and looked at all my interests. The number one suggested course from my results of these tests and talks was Quantity Surveying. I had never heard of this career so I studied the Careers Portal profile and the TUS website where I could see all the modules and this course ticked every box for me. 2 years later and starting a 15-month long work-placement in June, I can happily say it was the right decision because I love it so much.

During my first few weeks on campus I was surprised to find how easy it is to adjust to college life. It is not as strict as secondary school. The lecturers are so much more relaxed than I was expecting which is great because they are so open to answering everyone’s questions. Especially after doing 1st year online, coming onto campus for 2nd year the lecturers really emphasised their open door policies which was a huge help for all of us.

The thing I like most about my course is the variety of the work we do. We look at various projects from an extension on a house, to a large commercial building. No project is the same as the one before, so the work doesn’t feel repetitive at all.

As well as my course I think the facilities at TUS are really impressive. The gym on campus is great. If I get to college early or have a gap in the day it is literally across the road. It is a great way to fill your breaks. I also like the study spaces on the top floor by the computer rooms. They are great for studying on your own, or if you’re working with your friends it is okay to talk there rather than in the library. There are also radiators underneath the desks which was a lifesaver in the winter.

For the remaining couple of years left on my course I am excited to learn as much as I possibly can. I start my placement in June so I can’t wait to show off all that I’ve learned over the last two years. And then when I get back to TUS in 4th year I can show off all I learned and got to work on while away for the year.

I might consider working abroad after I graduate. Construction is the same wherever you go, so I can literally use my degree wherever I’d like. I hope to be good at my job too – I joke with my Dad who was an Architect before and say that I want to be the person on site with the pink hard hat that people see when they walk onto the site of a new project and are glad to see me.

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