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Anna Madigan

Anna Madigan

My name is Anna Madigan and I am in 2nd year studying Applied Strength & Conditioning at TUS Thurles.

I chose the Applied Strength & Conditioning course in Thurles because I have a huge love of sport and fitness. I have always had these interests since I was young and that has grown in the last few years in relation to nutrition, weightlifting and performance. I thought this seemed like a good course because it included modules on all those vital elements of fitness.

When I began studying at TUS I was surprised at how helpful and attentive the lecturers were. They are always open to answering questions on anything we have issues with whether it be in a class setting or face-to-face.

I really love my class and I find the course modules really interesting. The practical element of the course makes it easier to understand the topics covered in some subjects and the gym is really modern and big for anyone in the course to use which is ideal when you’re into fitness, but, it is also welcome to anyone looking to start out working on their fitness too.

In January I will be going on work placement for a few months which is something I am excited for. Work placement is great because it gives you the opportunity to get really good professional experience. TUS are excellent at helping students find good places to conduct their work placement which is hugely important. I am excited to put what I have learned so far, into the field of work in health, fitness or performance!

Once I graduate I hope to continue studying and get a degree in Sports Nutrition as I would really like to work with athletes and teams with their nutrition, this is my favourite module so far!

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