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Diane Maher

My name is Diane Maher and I am in my third year studying Industrial Automation and Robotics.

My CAO choice was quite a difficult one and I went through two years from 5th year to 6th year analyzing different career options. I looked at studying everything from Nursing in Dublin to English in Limerick but in the end I actually just ended up analyzing myself. I decided to look at what subjects I was good at in school and what I enjoyed and made my decision to study engineering at the very last moment.

I spoke to my engineering teachers, I asked my sister about college life but the best advice came from my Dad who simply told me to follow my heart which was brilliant because at the end of the day it is your decision and nobody else.

I decided to pick Robotic Engineering because it allows me to be creative and innovative. At the time there was about three different Automation and Robotics courses in the country but the one in LIT appealed more to me because it seemed to have a lot of practical elements as well as theory.

For the summer I am going to be working in Johnson & Johnson Vision Care which will give me great exposure to what I am studying and an insight into the career I will be working in when I leave LIT. But right now I delighted to be in such a great place which is giving me so many different employment opportunities and I really like what I have done the over the last three years.