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Dylan Walsh

Dylan Walsh

My name is Dylan Walsh and I am a second year studying Immersive Digital Media and Spatial Computing in the TUS Moylish campus in Limerick city.

I chose this course as I have always been interested in making things, especially digitally, such as small little programs and gaming projects. So, when I found out this course offers the chance to learn programming, how to make websites and how to make computer graphics, it instantly caught my attention.

What surprised me the most in my first few weeks at TUS was how different it was from secondary school. I found there was more freedom in the way people could express themselves and the communication between lecturers and students was much more casual.

What I like most about my course is how diverse it is when it comes to the modules provided. The modules on this course can span from programming to web development, digital video to networking fundamentals and more.

During my time in TUS I have made great friends. I love the campus environment and I find the people around TUS are so friendly and nice to speak to, there is yet a person that I have met that was not nice.

Apart from my studies I am also involved in the TUS Esports club. What I enjoy most about it is the people who are involved in the club. The president of the club is especially nice as she tries her best to make the club suitable for all and is always looking for ways to get people involved in events, whether it be in person events like going to an arcade bar or over discord with events like webcam Wednesday where every Wednesday we just play a bunch of games over a call with our webcams on. We also take part in the Legion Collegiate tournaments.

Over the next few years in TUS I am looking forward to learning new things such has Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality studies next year as well as work experience. I am also looking forward to fourth year where I get to do a project that shows what I have learned over the past 3 years and put them to practice and see how I have improved.

Once I graduate, I hope to either continue my studies and get a masters degree and if possible, a doctorate or get into a workplace that is relevant to my studies such as Intel Shannon or Johnson & Johnson.

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