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Ellie McCarthy

Ellie McCarthy

My name is Ellie McCarthy and I am a third year student in Creative Broadcast and Film Production.

I chose this course after attending an Open Day on the TUS Moylish campus where I spent 40 minutes talking to a student already in the course. From that moment onwards I felt that the course in Creative Broadcast and Film Production suited me as it was something I could be really creative in.

The first few weeks in TUS was a major change for me when compared to my secondary school experience. Suddenly, I found myself looking around and not knowing everyone walking past. I was also amazed how we were just able to walk into class with a coffee. I just really like the atmosphere on the campus.

I really like my course because we have so much creative freedom compared to other courses. The group work is especially important as it makes us all closer and creates a friendlier class environment.

Apart from my studies I am also involved in the Students’ Union which is something I am very proud of, it makes me feel very connected to the college.

Over the next couple of years of my studies I am really looking forward to developing my skills and knowledge and working on more serious and thorough projects

Once I graduate, I would love to get into production as an assistant to begin with, I’d also love to get into radio broadcasting as a presenter.

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