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Jelena Cirkovic

Jelena Cirkovic

My name is Jelena Cirkovic and I am in 1st year studying Marketing & Management on the TUS Moylish campus in Limerick city.

From my research on, the TUS website and visiting the TUS Moylish campus during their open days, I realised this course was a perfect choice, as I thought the modules looked interesting, enjoyable, and diverse. I liked how the course offered work placement or studying abroad in 3rd year. This was a big factor for me. The course offers French on beginner level under the elective Language and Culture module. I love learning languages, and this stuck out to me.  Based on my visit to TUS Moylish Campus, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and environment TUS brings. I knew I wanted to attend a college close to home and TUS seemed like the perfect fit for me.

During my first few weeks on campus I was surprised with how open and friendly all the staff and lectures were. On my very first day I was nervous meeting people, however, the lecturers made the experience warm and welcoming by helping students getting to know each other with group projects and assignments for example through the Live Business Project.

I love the modules that the course has to offer. Like I mentioned before the course offers diverse modules with practical aspects such as web designing and projects. There is a good mixture between group work and individual work.

I like that the campus in Moylish is quite small which gives a homely feel within the college. There is a place for everyone to go and grab a coffee and sit with friends and chat. I like the location of the campus. The campus has a bus stop directly outside. This makes it easier to grab a bus into the city centre. TUS also have events and markets that take place regularly on the Campus. This brings an exciting and fun element in students college life.

Over the next few years of my studies I am looking forward to making more memories with my college friends. I am looking forward to hopefully travelling abroad in 3rd year. I am also looking forward to learning new modules and doing exciting projects again like the Live Business Project.

When I graduate I would love to travel and work abroad. This course offers a lot of opportunities in a wide variety of positions across various corporate settings in roles such as a Marketing Manager, Human Resource Management, Global Sales Executive, Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur, International Public Relations and Advertising and much more.

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