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Katie Soden

Katie Soden

My name is Katie Soden and I am in my final year studying Game Art & Design.

I chose this course because it was a game design course that did not require a high level of mathematics. The course is really suited for creative people who want to learn enough of the technical side of game design to make their own game assets.

What surprised me the most when I started in Clonmel was being around students who had the same interests as me. I’ve always had obscure interests like video games, anime, drawing, animation etc. so being surrounded by people who I can relate to in that was a huge deal to me. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who have similar interests and are passionate about the same things as you.

I enjoy the flexibility our course offers in terms of jobs we can do. We learn how to use software that can be used in games, film, animation and advertising. It’s nice to learn so many skills that are transferrable to a multitude of industries.

I really like studying on the TUS Digital Campus in Clonmel. It’s a small town but has a lot of interesting perks to it such as several gyms, a Harry Potter themed restaurant, two bubble tea stores and a multitude of cafes and various shops in the area. It’s a nice area because it’s not as overwhelming as a massive city and it’s not boring like a small rural town.

Over the next few months I’m looking forward to graduating from a Technological University. When I graduate my goal is to get a job in the games industry working as a 3D Generalist. I really enjoy rigging 3D characters and giving their rigs as much flexibility as possible for animators to work with. If I had a choice of what company to work with it would be the one I did an internship with, StoryToys, who are a wonderful Irish based games company.

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