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Mathematics Entrance Exam

Mathematics Entrance Exam

Purpose of Mathematics Entrance Exam 

Mathematics is the keystone for STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and many of the programmes offered at TUS MW require candidates to have a core mathematical competency. Candidates who have achieved the general requirements for matriculation but have not attained the required grade in Leaving Certificate mathematics will have an opportunity to fulfil that requirement by sitting a Mathematics Entrance Exam set by TUS MW.


The Mathematics Entrance Exam reflects the mathematical requirements of the programmes offered at TUS MW. The examination is specifically for applicants who have applied through the CAO for courses in TUS MW. CAO points are not awarded for this examination.

•             A score of 40% in the Mathematics Entrance Examination will fulfil an O6 requirement

•             A score of 50% in the Mathematics Entrance Examination will fulfil an O5 requirement

•             A score of 60% in the Mathematics Entrance Examination will fulfil an 04 requirement

Successful candidates that fulfil the points requirement will receive an offer in Round 2.



The examination paper is similar in content and standard to Papers 1 and 2 of the Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate Mathematics examination. The exam will be two hours in duration and will contain topics from both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the Leaving Certificate curriculum. Core mathematical skills such as: percentages, proportions, fractions, indices, transposition of formulae, factorisation, solving linear and quadratic equations, trigonometry, functions, graphs, etc. will be examined.

If you have a learning difficulty, disability or medical condition and need any reasonable accommodation for the exam such as separate room, extra time, reader and/or scribe, sign language interpreter etc., you may request support for the examination once the Leaving Certificate results are issued. Please contact the disability officer by Monday August 28th  including your CAO number in this correspondence. Please note any request will need supporting documentation.

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