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Welcome to LIT - ENGAGE Induction Programme

Please be advised there is no separate Induction timetable this year, as students are immediately commencing with teaching in week 1. Students should make sure to attend their first lecture stated in their academic timetable (online or on campus).   
During the first semester, Induction and Orientation Events will be advertised through the ENGAGE Programme – Student Induction Schedule below, where we encourage you to ‘engage’ with campus life and supports. The Student ENGAGE Programme is specifically designed to provide students with the necessary support and guidance, to enhance the college experience. 

The programme continues right through to November 20th and includes a timetable of events incorporating a blended model of delivery.  Programme events include a variety of workshops, Student Support Services information sessions and virtual meet and greets, coupled with on-campus Student Leader support.

Here to support you

LIT has a dynamic and interactive campus environment.

The dedication and commitment of our staff and students is reflected in the energy and enthusiasm that extends to every aspect of our goal to support a positive student experience. 

Students have many opportunities to participate in activities that support their academic, cultural, social, sporting interests and preferences. We also recognise that college life can be challenging and to support you we provide a comprehensive range of student services.


Please be aware that video and photography content on this website was produced prior to COVID-19