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Flexible Learning LIT - Focused on Industry Needs

Since 1855, LIT proudly holds to its connection with industry. LIT, as a world recognised education facility, is particularly noted for its involved and intertwined partnership with Irish and EU entities. 

The Department of Flexible Learning works in partnership with industry and employers in the Mid-West region to identify skills needs and areas for educational development. To date we have collaborated with some of the leading companies in the Mid-West to deliver tailored upskilling programmes to suit their employee’s needs. These programmes can range from short term Special Purpose Awards to address a specific skill need, to longer-term programmes. Delivery methods are flexible in nature and can be a combination of online, on-site, day release, evening classes or weekend workshops.

Industry and LIT are connected across all studies: Built Environment, Science, Hospitality, Business & Humanities, Information Technology and the Creative Arts and this relationship takes many forms. Apprenticeships, Internships, Guest Lecturers, Part-time staff working in Industry and LIT, Industry mentorship, International placements, and most importantly, industry based subjects and assignment tasks and case studies to form the backbone of the strong and well formed industry link with tertiary studies. 
LIT is a solutions-based institution with a reputation for working closely with industry in the region, supporting research and ensuring our students are work ready and meeting the skills needs of industry is what we’re all about. The local and national economy is ever evolving and changing, and the increase in Springboard+ and Human Capital funding for 2020 shows LIT’s ability to be flexible in meeting those requirements, both for graduates and employers. We are continuing to offer high quality blended and online programmes to meet the needs of those developing their careers and for businesses in need of an upskilled workforce.”  Dr Philip Hennessy, LIT Flexible Learning HOD, July 2020

Registrar and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Marian Duggan, welcomed the recent Springboard+ and HCI funding allocation and said that LIT will continue to be an accessible institution focused on industry needs. 

This is a win-win for our graduates and for industry across the Midwest. The increase in places available at LIT this year under the Springboard+ and Human Capital initiatives points to the third level institution’s ability to meet the demands and requirements of industry and business both regionally and nationally…. We’re very proud to provide that platform throughout our LIT campuses across the Midwest.” 

President of LIT, Professor Vincent Cunnane, outlined that LIT will continue to work closely with regional, national and international businesses to ensure the institution’s graduates will continue to be ready for the workplace. 

This latest increase in funding for our flexible learning programmes is a further endorsement to our approach of producing work-ready graduates to contribute to regional and national economic growth. The latest HEA Graduate Outcome Survey, released last month, showed that LIT has the highest rate of full-time employment in any higher education institution outside Dublin’. 

Specifically, to quote from our industry partners on particular courses:
The vison of the postgraduate diploma is well aligned with the strategic direction of Abbott and connects with our ongoing upskilling initiatives’. David Daly, Development Scientist, Abbott, April 2020.
Dairygold would see these courses as an enabler required to make tomorrow better than today’. Dr Ian  O’Loughlin, R&D, Dairygold, May 2020.
Developing and accessing a skilled talent pool with capabilities in emerging technologies, including Process Validation, is a key factor in Irish markets and organisations remaining competitive and investable…..We in Johnson and Johnson Vision wholeheartedly endorse this programme.’ John Davenport, Training Leader, J&J, April 2020.
From its early days as a trade training skills centre, LIT highly values its connection with all industry. 
Applicants: Find your part-time, industry relevant course here:

HR / Training & Development Managers: To discuss how your organisation can collaborate with the Department of Flexible Learning, please contact our dedicated Industry Skills Liaison Officer, Mr. Jim Dooley on