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Strategic Business Management & Marketing

Strategic Business Management & Marketing

This Masters is aimed at learners interested in acquiring a highly practical Level 9 qualification in the area of Strategic Business Management and Marketing. The revised programme builds students' strategic management skills through a combination of Problem Based Learning (PBL), direct contact with industry, workshops and case studies.

Have a read of Anthony's experience on the former Masters in Marketing Management & Strategy below ...

Returning to education?

My time in LIT was both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I returned to education after a long absence and my initial feelings of uncertainty which accompanies any new undertaking was quickly diminished after starting the course.

Work & study?

Juggling work and study is demanding and in my particular case I also had a young family at home ... you have to be prepared to put the time and work in ... as they say nothing worthwhile comes easy! My study approach was little and often, which worked for me. The flexible nature of the course was a great fit for me as full time study was not an option.

LIT lecturers?

The lecturers delivering the course were fantastic, knowledgeable and supportive and made themselves available for discussion and advice when needed. This is backed up by the first-class facilities available to us on campus during the programme.

Delivery method?

The programme delivery was exciting and challenging. The Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach promoted a collaborative and engaging atmosphere within our class setting. The group dynamics in delivering a project task or milestone is very much reflective of what would be expected of you in a work or professional setting.

Linking & working with industry?

I found working with companies who tasked us with specific objectives in order to help grow and promote their business both challenging and extremely rewarding. I took great pride in the fact that what we produced as a group would be of value and utilised by the company. Presenting our findings and suggestions to board members was one of my most enjoyable experiences of the course.

Course modules?

The course modules certainly equip you with the tools and techniques needed in today’s fast paced and dynamic business environment. I found the knowledge gained in the consumer behaviour and relationship management module hugely beneficial in my current work life and business. 

I feel the knowledge and outlook I have gained on completion of the course certainly stands to me professionally, the ability to critically evaluate work situations has been hugely beneficial to me and my business.  

Anthony is an honours graduate of the Master of Business in Marketing Management & Strategy.

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