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Athena Swan at TUS Midwest

Athena SWAN at TUS Midwest

In March 2020 Limerick Institute of Technology (now TUS Midwest) was awarded the Athena SWAN Bronze Award by Advance HE. The aim of the Athena SWAN initiative is to effect cultural and systemic change in higher education institutions by promoting gender equality, progression and equality for all.  

TUS Midwest has achieved this award under the expanded Athena SWAN Charter, which recognises work undertaken across the Institute to address gender equality more broadly, including barriers to progression that affect women. A self-assessment team, with members drawn from across the Institute, was established to carry out a detailed assessment and consultation process, under the guidance and direction of TUS Midwest's Equality & Diversity Steering Committee, which is chaired by the President of TUS, Professor Vincent Cunnane. Through this process, a four year Gender Equality Action Plan has been prepared and implementation of this is now underway.

In receiving the award, TUS Midwest's Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar, Marian Duggan who was appointed Vice President of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in 2020 said, “The Athena SWAN awards recognise a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff. I am delighted that our commitment to inclusivity was recognised. We continue to look forward to focusing on, and implementing, our ambitious Athena SWAN Bronze action plan.”

Professor Cunnane added, “We adopted the Athena SWAN Charter as a guide to driving its principles deep within the organisation and bring about change. We welcome Athena SWAN’s endorsement of our submission which focused on striving for a culture that is conducive to equality, diversity and inclusion.”

In September 2021, a Gender Equality Action Plan Progress Report was developed. This report highlights the extent to which TUS Midwest is achieving our ambitious action plan as well as areas where concerted action is needed. In publishing our Progress Report, TUS Midwest's Vice President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Marian Duggan, said "I thank all involved in progressing each action in our Gender Equality Action Plan, as progress is not dependent on a few, but many across the Institute."