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EDI Structures in TUS Midwest

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group

TUS Midwest has established an Equality & Diversity Steering Group. The role of this Committee is to oversee and provide guidance and direction for the achievement of equality, diversity and inclusion objectives across the Institute. Full Terms of Reference for the EDI Steering Group is available here

Membership is as follows:

Role in TUS Midwest
Prof Vincent Cunnan President - Chair
Ms Marian Duggan Vice President Academic Affairs & Registrar/ VP Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Dr Carol Wrenn  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Mr Peter Doyle Human Resources Manager
Ms Linda Barry Academic Administrator and Student Affairs Manager
Dr Tracy Fahey Head of Department, Fine Art
Dr Janice O Connell Head of Department, Information Technology
Ms Maria Kyne Dean of Faculty, Engineering and Built Environment
Dr Carole Glynn Head of Department, Applied Social Sciences
Mr Donnacha McNamara Dean of Faculty, Business and Humanities
Dr Liam Brown Vice President Research, Development and Innovation
Dr Patrick Murray Head of Research and Technology Transfer
Mr Dylan Ryan Student Union President


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champions Forum

TUS Midwest has established an Equality & Diversity Champions Forum. The role of this Forum is ensure that awareness of EDI is mainstreamed and integrated into discussions and activities across faculties and functions. The forum will be used as a key communications channel for EDI related discussions, events and activities. Full Terms of Reference for the EDI Champions Forum is available here

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training Working Group

TUS Midwest's Gender Equality Action Plan includes a number of different trainings for staff to support equality, diversity and inclusion. To coordinate these trainings, an EDI working group has been established which includes representation from EDI, Human Resources and Quality Teaching and Learning.