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Erasmus Staff Training

Erasmus Training Staff Mobility

Erasmus Training Mobilities are available to both administrative and academic staff to avail of, no matter what level of the organisation you're on. Training can take the form of job shadowing, observation periods, professional development courses or specific competence-building events.

FAQ: Can I undertake training with another staff member?

Two members of the same department cannot undertake the same training with the same learning outcomes to the same location at the same time. Please contact for more info.

FAQ: Can I go to a conference under the Erasmus Programme?

Conferences are not fundable as an Erasmus Training Mobility, per Erasmus programme guidelines.

Where can I train?

Erasmus supports training at other universities/colleges. It also supports training at relevant organisations operating outside the education sector.

If you are interested in training at another university/college, TUS must hold an Erasmus Inter-institutional Agreement with the institution you wish to attend. Please contact for the most up-to-date information on our Erasmus partnerships.

Training that does not take place at another HEI can take place at training organisations that are deemed relevant to your work at TUS. Some of the more popular, general training opportunities include ShipCon Training (see here) and EAIE Academy Training (see here).

How long can I go for?

Training must last a minimum of 2 days and can last a maximum of 2 months. At TUS, we encourage staff to avail of 5-day training opportunities, in order for Erasmus funding to facilitate more staff in engaging in training.

What funding is available?

If accepted to train under Erasmus, you will receive one IBB payment containing two grants: (1) your travel grant and (2) your subsistence grant.

N.B. If you receive Erasmus support funding to engage in training, you are not permitted to claim receipts for costs associated with the training through your TUS Department. Funding for training must be either from Erasmus staff funds or via your TUS Department.

The current Erasmus grant rates are as follows:

Grant 1: Travel Grant

Travel distances Amount (€)
10 - 99km 20
100 - 499km 180
500 - 1,999km 275
2,000 - 2,999km 360
3,000 - 3,999km 530
4,000 - 7,999km 820
8,000km or more 1,500

Grant 2: Daily Support Grant

Receiving Country Amount per day (€)

Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, UK*, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Liechtenstein

80 - 180

Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal

70 - 160

Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia

60 - 140

Last updated: 4th March 2021