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Exam Results

Autumn Exam Results Release Dates 2020/21

To view the exam results release dates for Autumn 2020/21 please click here.

Exam Results

To view your detailed individual exam results visit our internal portal and  click Student and Staff Login to Secure Area.
To login you will need:

  • Your K or P number (ensure that you use a capital K or P)
  • PIN (issued to you by email from the Computer Services Helpdesk)

If you do not have not have or know your PIN please contact the Computer Services Helpdesk on 061-293100 or email

For LIT Tipperary student’s results published prior to 2012/13 – please click here.

Results Publication Dates

View the Exam Pass List publication dates to find out when your exam results will be released online.
This listing provides dates when exam boards take place and also the closing date for examination reviews.

Award Classifications

You will get an award classification in the final year of your programme.  

Level 6 & Level 7 Programmes - Higher Certificate/Ordinary Bachelor Degree
DT Distinction 70 - 100%
M1 Merit, Grade 1 60-69%
M2 Merit, Grade 2 50 - 59%
PS Pass 40 - 49%
FL Fail 0 - 39%
Level 8 Programmes - Honours Bachelor Degree/Higher Diploma
H1 First Class Honours 70 - 100%
2.1 Second Class Honours, Grade 1 60 - 69%
2.2 Second Class Honours, Grade 2 50 - 59%
PS Pass 40 - 49%
FL Fail 0 - 39%
Level 9 - Post Graduate Diploma
DT Distinction 70-100%
MR Merit 60-69%
PS Pass 40-59%
FL Fail 0-39%
Level 9 - Taught Masters Degree
H1 First Class Honours 70 - 100%
H2 Second Class Honours 60 - 69%
PS Pass 40 - 59%
FL Fail 0 - 39%


Explanation of Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)

G.P.A. is a weighted average mark (based on the classifying modules as specified in the Approved Programme Schedule). The weighting factor to be applied to the grade in each module is the number of ECTS credits assigned to the module. 


Explanation of Academic Standings

End of Non-Award Years

AB Absent from Examination Student absent from one or more examinations
DE Deferral of Result(s) Decision on the overall result has been deferred to the next exam board meeting because of special/mitigating circumstances
EX Exemptions Granted All modules have NOT been passed. Candidate is required to repeat those with marks below 40%
FL Fail All modules have been failed
IN Incomplete Candidate has not attempted all modules on the programme - Semesterised/ACCS programmes
WH Result(s) Withheld Results may be withheld for a number of reasons. Please contact the School Office for more information
AP Approved to Progress Postgraduate/Masters Students only - Candidate has met all requirements to date and may progress with study
NA Not Approved to Progress Postgraduate/Masters Students only - Student has not met all requirements to date and may not progress with study
RC Recommended Postgraduate/Masters Students only - Candidate has been recommended to complete study
NR Not Recommended Postgraduate/Masters Students only - Candidate has NOT been recommended to complete study

Marginal Fail Compensation 

Grades which are greater than or equal to 35% but less than 40% in the percentage grading system are awarded when a candidate has nearly (but not quite) demonstrated attainment of the relevant minimum intended learning outcomes for a particular assessment task.

Performance at the first attempt in modules in a given stage/semester (of at least 25 credits) may be used to compensate in the same stage/semester, provided no module in the stage/semester has been failed outright. A pass earned in this way is referred to as a pass by compensation and is credit bearing. 

Compensation can only be applied in the following circumstances:

1.        The candidate has been assessed for all stage/semester modules and no module in the stage/semester has been failed outright (below 35%).

2.        The results of all modules in the stage/semester are from first attempts.

3.        In the case of full-time candidates, the results are from the same sitting (session).

4.        The stage/semester-aggregate of credit-weighted excesses of percentage marks (over 40) is greater than or equal to twice the stage/semester-aggregate of credit-weighted deficits of marks (under 40) and the potentially compensatable results account for no more than one-third of the credit for the stage/semester: i.e. 20 credits in a 60-credit stage; 10 credits in a 30-credit semester; or, 5 credits in a 25-credit semester.

Compensation may be applied only to enable a candidate to pass a stage/semester. At the award stage, a candidate who passes by compensation remains eligible for honours etc. Compensation does not change the result of the modules passed in that way.

Requirements for Progression

The following conditions shall normally apply, subject to numbers and availability.

1.        A student will normally take 60 credits maximum in each year of study.

2.        Progression towards an award is restricted by pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements, the timetable and the rules of the Department of Education and Science / Higher Education Authority Free Fees Initiative.

3.        Where programmes are organised in stages, a student, to be eligible to progress to a particular stage, is normally required to demonstrate achievement of the minimum intended learning outcomes of all the preceding stages. The approved programme schedule summarises the allocation of credits and assessment components, as well as any special progression requirements.

4.        Subject to any special conditions of the programme, there are three exceptions to the general requirement of passing all the required modules in order to progress to the next stage. These are:

(a)       pass by compensation

(b)       exemption from part of the programme

(c)       in exceptional mitigating circumstances, eligibility to progress carrying the failed modules to be passed during the subsequent stage. Carrying forward of failed module(s) is not normally permitted.

Carrying Credits

Where practicable, a Stage 1 student who has failed no more than 10 credits may carry these failed credits to Second Year on the conditions that:

(i)        A maximum of 10 Credits can be carried to Stage 2

(ii)       The Student attempted the Summer and Autumn Examination for the failed module(s)

(iii)      The student holds a mark of not less than 25% in the failed module(s)

(iv)      The failed module(s) result for all credits carried is not Failed Element (FE).

The student cannot progress further beyond a Stage 2 of a programme until the carry over deficit from the previous stage has been passed.

Carry-over of credits is subject to reasonable accommodation by the institutes within the limitations of pre-requisite requirements, repeat attendance requirements and scheduling. The institute cannot guarantee repeat attendance and is not obliged to facilitate the repeat module arrangements.


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