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Viewing Scripts & Reviews

Viewing of Examination Script(s)

A Candidate may apply to the Exams Office to inspect his/her marked examination script(s). An appointment will be arranged where an exam invigilator will accompany the Candidate to the specified venue where script(s) and any supporting material from the exam can be viewed. Please be aware of the following rules for viewing of script(s):

  • The Candidate may not take notes or any photographs during the viewing.
  • The Candidate is permitted to have somebody accompany them to the viewing, provided this person is not a member of academic staff at TUS.
  • Candidates are not allowed to remove scripts from the room or make copies.
  • The Candidate must present their student ID card or some form of photographic identification in order to view script(s).

Please allow sufficient time for the Exams Office to locate the requested script(s) and organise for an invigilator to be available at suitable time and venue.

Upon viewing of scripts, if an error is found in the calculation of marks or if the Candidate is unhappy with the marks recorded, the Candidate can apply to have the script(s) rechecked.

Review of Examination Script(s):

A Candidate can apply by contacting the Exams Office directly where they will be given an application form to complete. The application form can also be downloaded here.

The Grounds for an Examination Review as set out below must strictly be adhered to when completing the application form:

The Institute is only prepared to consider requests for an Examination Review that are based on one of the following grounds:

a) The examination regulations of the Institute have not been properly implemented, and where there is a prima facie case that this has had an adverse effect on the Candidates performance.


b) Compassionate/Extenuating circumstances related to the Candidate’s examination situation were made known to the Institute by the Candidate prior to or during or within 5 days of the examination concerned of which the Board of Examiners were unaware.


c) There has been an error in the recording and addition of marks on particular paper (Application for an administrative recheck of the recording and addition of marks)

A student may not appeal against the academic judgement of the examiners
REVIEW FEE: €50.00 per subject reviewed (CARD ONLY)

The completed and signed application form should be returned to the Exams Office with the relevant fee by the closing date. The closing date for review is always five working days after release of your exam results. Please make yourself aware of this date, specified above on schedule of results release.

 Important Note: A recheck does not involve an academic re-examination or re-evaluation of the material presented by the student. It is simply a re-verification that all materials submitted were indeed marked and that the total marks were correctly calculated and notified to the student.