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Thinking About Returning to Education?

If you are considering returning to Education to develop your potential and perhaps your career – congratulations. There are lots of questions you may have so feel free to contact us.
To help you a long the way here are some recommended resources for you to use:

a) Visit the Student Success Toolbox website which has been developed to support students considering returning to education via Flexible Learning. Simply click on the box below to be taken to the website. There, you will find a range of handy tools and resources to aid your return to education.

the toolbox








b) Visit our FAQ section which will help you understand the various steps and processes involved in applying for a place on a Flexible Learning programme in LIT.

c) Visit or call the offices at any time or contact us at 

Already a Student?

If you are already a student in LIT on a Flexible Learning programme then you can get most of the information you need directly from the Student enrolling on the Flexible Learning Student Resources Page