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Grants and Fees Office

The Grants and Fees Office collect student fees owed to the University.

The current preferred method of contact is via email to, where we will aim to respond within 2-5 business days.

Making a Payment and Retrieving Receipts:
All current Apprentices, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate students should click on the "Online Fee Payment / Receipt for Fees Paid" button above to pay their fees online or to print a receipt for fees paid.

NOTICE: The Grants and Fees Office will NEVER send you an email with a link for fee payment.

If you are not a current student, please click here to request a receipt for fees paid.


  • Due to GDPR regulations, if a Parent/Guardian requires information in relation to a student’s fee account (such as the fees balance), signed authorisation from the student must be provided to the Grants & Fees Office before any disclosure can be made. A Third Party Agreement form may be downloaded here.
  • The Grants and Fees Office do not accept cash or cheque. Cheques will be returned to sender.
  • Non-Receipt of a Fee Payment Notification and Fee Schedule by a student will not be accepted as a valid reason for non-payment of fees. It is each student's responsibility to be aware of fee deadlines.
  • Payment of fees does not constitute registration. Students must register online by the required deadline date(s) to permit TUS to claim free tuition fees on their behalf from the HEA. Failure to register on-time may require the student to pay the tuition fee in the event that the fee cannot be collected from the HEA. 
  • The University reserves the right to correct the fee charged to a student in the event that an incorrect fee is notified because of human error, incorrect information being obtained at enrolment/registration or a change in student circumstances, which affects the fees due.

Contact Us

Public Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9.30am-12.30pm & 2pm-4pm

E: (full-time students) or (part-time/flexible learning)

T: 061-293366 (full-time students) or 061-293094 (part-time/flexible learning)


Fee Payment Deadlines: 50% of Fees are Due by 31 October 2023 and the balance is due by 15 January 2024. Late payment penalities will apply.