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Student Grants & Fees FAQ's​


How much is the student contribution charge for the 2019/20 academic year?


The student contribution charge is €3,000 for the academic year 2019/20.  Please click here for further information. 


When do I need to pay fees for the academic year 2019/20?


EU students can pay in two instalments.  The first instalment is due by 31 October and the second instalment is due by the 15 January.

For further details, please click here


How do I pay my Fees?


Students can pay fees online as part of the online registration process. You will need a Laser/Credit Card to pay your fees online.  A receipt will be issued to your student email address.  For further details on How to Pay your Fees please click here


How/where do I apply for a Grant?


If you are an incoming student OR a continuing student, you can make a grant application to the single grant authority SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland).  Click here for more details. 


Do I need to submit my grant award letter to the grants office?


There is no need to submit your grant award letter, as when you register online you will be asked if you have applied for a SUSI grant and prompted to input your SUSI application number. 


Can I register without paying fees if a decision on my Grant application has not yet been made?


Yes, you will be allowed to be temporary registered without paying fees but you must provide your SUSI application number when registering online. 

If you have a Materials / Health & Safety fee, this will have to be paid upon registration, as it is not covered by SUSI. Please note you will not be a fully registered student until your fees are paid in full. 

This will give you until the 31 October to get a decision on your grant.  If you have not been awarded a grant by this date you will be required to either pay 50% of your fees or set up an agreed, signed instalment plan with the Grants & Fees Office.  Any surplus monies paid will be refunded once the SUSI Grant is awarded. 


I have been approved for a Maintenance Grant, how will it be paid?


Students applying to SUSI will be paid their maintenance on a monthly basis (nine instalments) by electronic fund transfer from SUSI straight into their nominated bank account. Continued payment will be contingent on verification of your attendance at regular intervals throughout the year.  

The Student Contribution/Tuition element of the fee grant will be paid directly to LIT on your behalf. 


What happens if I have already paid my fees and I am subsequently awarded a Grant?


For a refund to be processed, you must complete a bank details form and submit it to the Grants & Fees office at LIT.  Download Bank Details Form


Can I claim tax relief on my fees?


For details on claiming tax relief on fees, please click here


I am an EU member can I qualify for a Grant?


For details on Residency Criteria for the SUSI grant, please click here. 


How am I assessed as an EU or Non EU student for Fee purposes?


If you have a query in relation to your status as an EU or NON-EU student, please contact the Admissions Office on 061 293263 or   


If I have previous undergraduate 3rd level education, what documents do I need to complete?


Your previous college will need to complete a Prior Third Level form, to request this form, please email


If I have to repeat the year/modules, do I have to pay fees?


Yes, the cost is based on the number of credits you have to repeat attend.  Please click here for the Undergraduate Repeat & ACCS Students Schedule of Fees.


What happens if I don’t pay my fees on time?


If a student has not paid 50% of their fees by the 31 October a late payment fee charge of €50 will be applied to their student account.  

If a student has not paid their fees in full by the 15 January a late payment fee charge of €100 will be applied to their student account. 

If a student owes fees at the end of an academic year, a hold will be placed on their student account. 


What happens when a hold is placed on my account?


When a hold is placed on a student account:

  • Examination results will be withheld. 
  • Access to transcripts, statement of results, registration letters etc. will be withheld.
  • Continuing students will not be permitted to register for subsequent academic years.
  • Students will not be permitted to graduate until their outstanding debt has been cleared in full. 

Once the outstanding fees have been paid in full, the hold will be removed from the student account. 


Can I sit my semester two examinations if my fees have not been paid in full?


Yes, you will be allowed to sit your examinations.  However, your registration record will have a ‘hold’ placed on it and the above restrictions will be applied. 


How can I get a hold removed from my account?


To get a hold removed from your account you must pay your outstanding fees in full.  Please be aware that there may be a delay of 1-2 working days for the hold to be removed. 


I am struggling to pay my fees, can I pay them on an instalment basis?


If you are having difficulty paying your fees, to avoid late payment charges, please contact the Grants & Fees office as soon as possible, to set-up an agreed, signed instalment plan. 


Can LIT issue an invoice to my Company?


Yes, LIT can issue an invoice to your company on the completion of a Sponsorship Agreement form by your employer. 

Please contact the Grants & Fees Office on 061 293366 or email for further information or click here to download