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Learning Support Unit

Supporting Your Learning Experience

The Learning Support Unit provides free academic support to all registered LIT students on request. All services are based on a supervised self-help model involving tutors and students. Tutorial support is available by application (click on the button: Apply for Learning Support)

Workshops such as, Study Skills, Time Management, Exam Preparation, Maths and Academic Writing can be organised by contacting us directly. We also provide English language support classes for International students -see English Language Classes

For more information please contact Learning Support Unit at or (061) 293147.

Reasons to Contact Us

  • If you find it difficult to cope with certain subjects or parts of subjects.
  • If you simply want some Academic advice.
  • Perhaps a subject is new and it is difficult to get started.
  • Perhaps you are returning to study after a break of several years.


Please be aware that video and photography content on this website was produced prior to COVID-19