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LSAD Digital Portfolio Assessment – SHOW US YOUR CREATIVITY 

At LSAD we celebrate creativity. Our wide range of courses, specialising in everything from fine art, design to digital content creation, are intended to empower creativity in all its forms and produce valued sought-after graduates. Some of our courses ask you, the prospective student, to submit a portfolio of work so that we can reward your creativity, and you can showcase your passions and skills. Your portfolio of work is all about you and can contain creative content from your school or personal life.

What is a Digital Portfolio?

A Digital Portfolio is a digital representation of your creative skills, abilities, interests, and personality. It can include photographs and videos of your physical work, such as, painting, sculptures and fashion items; as well as files containing your digital work, such as, digital art, images, photography, 3D models, designs, videos and animation. Your digital portfolio can also include videos of notebooks containing research, sketches, and exploratory work. 

The contents and inspiration for your portfolio can come from many sources including, for example, Leaving Certificate subjects such as Art, Music, Design and Communication Graphics, Technology, Construction Studies, Engineering, Computer Science and Home Economics.  Portfolio work can consist of projects which you have already completed in Secondary School or on a PLC and which you have recorded through photographs or video.

However, not all the work in your portfolio needs to come from an educational setting. It is always good to see work that you have created in your own time or from your involvement in other creative activities, as a member of various groups or clubs or your involvement in creative competitions. Please also feel free to include unfinished work or work in progress or work which you created as part of a collaborative team.

There is no formula for a portfolio it is as individual as the person putting it together. However, we will ask you to be selective and limit it to 20 pieces. So, select the work that you feel best about and that you think represents your creativity / skillset best.

Application Information

CAO Applicants

When you include one of our LSAD programmes on your CAO form requiring an online portfolio submission we will send you a link as per the schedule below where you can easily upload your images, digital files or videos and answer a few simple questions about your interests and what you included.

Portfolio Submission Dates
  • If CAO application is submitted by the 1st February 2023 – link will be emailed late February and applicants will have from the 6th March to the 22nd March inclusive to upload.
  • If CAO application is submitted after the 1st February 2023 and up to the 1st May 2023 – link and submission dates will be emailed mid-May.
  • If CAO application is submitted after the 1st July 2023 – link and submission dates will be emailed mid-July.
International Applicants

When you apply through our International office one of our global representatives will send you the link to upload your portfolio as above. 

The Portfolio Score 

The portfolio is scored out of 600 with a minimum score of 240 required to pass, all those who are successful at this stage will be considered for entry. As the number of applicants who are successful after the Portfolio Assessment may be greater than the number of places available, the system of final selection is carried out on the basis of combined points. The portfolio score is added to the Leaving Certificate score (or international equivalent) to rank applicants for the available places. For example a portfolio score of 520 plus leaving cert points of 350 = total score 870

Further Information

For more information and useful Q&As please visit the pages below.

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