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FOLM - From Outdoors to Labour Market

FOLM – From Outdoors to Labour Market

Duration: 42 months (July 2018 – December 2021)
LIT Project Budget:  € 698,000
Total Project Budget:  € 4,075,000


The From Outdoors to Labour Market (FOLM) project is focused on an innovative education approach addressing the youth who are Not in Employment, Education or Training, so called NEETs. The concept behind the FOLM learning experience is to motivate and encourage them into taking up studies or the labour market, thanks to our Outdoors Learning programme.

The FOLM Project provides a stimulating and innovative programme connecting with NEETs to develop professional and life skills enabling them to become inspired and active in their region. The programme engages 990 NEETs in Warmia-Masuria (Poland), Cantabria (Spain) and Mid-West Region (Ireland) by transferring the experience from the University of Edinburgh’s “Model for social and personal growth through Outdoor Learning”.

The FOLM Project uses Outdoor Learning as a means to engage youth with the community and develop a sustainable framework for the model to be applied by stakeholders across Europe. Through the programme participants recognize strengths/talents, strengthen soft skills, build self-esteem/self-awareness and fortify attitudes for employment. Finally, the Project Consortium provides job matching through outreach to employers’ organizations, promotion, mentoring and trail employment.

Objectives and aims of the project

The objectives of the project can be summarised as follows:

  • Know-how and experience transfer about the “Model for social and personal growth through Outdoor Learning” from University of Edinburgh with the aim to prepare NEETs to enter or come back to the labour market.
  • Creation of a new “From Outdoors to Labour Market” model for leading NEETs towards employment, ready to use by institutions working in the labour market across Europe.
  • Engagement of 800-1000 NEETs from 3 regions characterised by a high percentage of targeted youth, in this pathway to employment.
Latest FOLM news

Latest news on the FOLM project from LIT can be seen below.

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20 February, 2020: 
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24 April 2021:
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25 April 2021:
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Further Information

Print Factsheet (PDF)

Project Website


Aoibhin Ryan
Senior Project Officer

Marie Taylor
Project Officer

Michael O' Shea
Project Officer

Seamus Hoyne
Development Unit Manager

The FOLM project/programme is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and Norway Grants for Youth Employment.

LIT Activities (Development Unit)

  • LIT leads the Quality and Assurance process in each phases of the Project assuring permanent internal evaluation ad monitoring
  • LIT takes part in shadowing at outdoor-based course in Scotland and training trainers. Using its extensive networks, LIT cooperates with relevant partner organisations assigned by Irish Government to provide social assistance to NEETs in recruiting them for Project.
  • LIT uses and shares with Project’s Partners its knowledge of blended and digital learning platforms to enhance youth’s employment possibilities. LIT also uses and share its wide range of enterprise related activities and networks to support the job matching and trail employment stage.
NEETs in Ireland

The Irish Central Statistics Office 2016 stated that 1 in 6 (15.9%) Irish young people aged 18­24 were neither in employment, education or training. Recent figures from the Irish Central Statistics Office (September 2018) indicate that almost 23,000 young people under 25 years old are recorded on the Live Register, receiving Jobseekers Benefit or Jobseekers Allowance or other entitlements at local offices of the Department of Social Protection. The Mid-West Region, in particular, represents approx. 12% of these.

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