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Student Health

Student Health

The aim of the Student Health Service is to provide a confidential and caring Health Service through Health Promotion and Healthy Lifestyle Awareness and to respond to the needs and concerns of our students.

Our service at TUS consists of a Nurses and Doctors Service. The Nurses Service is free to all registered students.

Students can make appointments with the nurse and institute doctor by contacting 061293106 or email

The doctor appointment fee is 15 euro (Card payments only) or free with a valid medical card, the nurse consultation is free.

Any student wishing to avail of this service must produce their current student I.D. card. Any students with a Medical Card contracted to a GP within a 5km radius of the college doctor cannot use their Medical Card for a consultation with college doctor. The fee is €15 for registered students of TUS. To book an appointment please click the booking button above. 

E.U. Students/Erasmus: Students who are currently registered with TUS are entitled to free medical consultation and prescriptions in Ireland on presentation of a valid European Health Card.

Non E.U. Students: All other foreign Nationals other than EU students have no medical card entitlements here. It is recommended that you have adequate medical insurance on arrival. You are however welcome to attend the College Doctor at the student rate in the Health Centre during term time. We also encourage overseas students to register with a GP in your area as the TUS college doctors are only available throughout term time.

Medical Certification:

Medical Certificates are only issued by a Doctor. Retrospective certification cannot be issued so you should contact the Student Health Centre, at the time of illness or event.

Functions of Health Unit

  • Provide First Aid and Emergency Medical treatment for sudden illnesses and accidents on the TUS campus, where the Nurse is available.
  • Offers advice and support to students with specific health needs once the student contacts the Unit.
  • Makes referrals to other professional services (internally or externally) where the interest of the student requires it.
  • Keeps all records private and confidential for all students who make contact with the Health Unit.
  • Promotes health of mind and body through edcation, literature and seminars.