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Class Representatives

Class Representatives

Each class elects a Class Rep who acts as a liaison between the SU and the students of TUS and also between lecturers and students. A Class Rep provides an important link between his/her class and the Students’ Union, informing the Students’ Union of their concerns and problems faced by students on a day to day basis.  They act as ambassadors for their class and may actively engage in organising class-based activities such as social and training events.

Class reps operate on a voluntary basis, freely giving of their time to enhance their fellow students’ University experience and campus life. Becoming a Class Rep gives a student the opportunity to differentiate themselves and their curriculum vitae. Employers are very interested in both academic and work/life experience.

TUS have a network of over 260 Reps based across Campuses, that support and represent their class in board meetings and bring forward recommendations to make their course better.

These reps are also responsible for the implementation of TUS and Student Union Policies were needed.

They are also the core of the Student Union as they also help promote any events the Union plan on running and also are the voting voice for policies the Union brings forward.

Class Rep nominations are now closed, if you are a late elected rep Please email