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Engage at LIT

You are about to start college. You’re excited. You’re not really sure what you’re in for. However, that’s part of the experience — especially if you’re living away from home for the first time.

So, what’s college really like? It’s active. It’s social. It’s independent. Most importantly it’s about balance. You have to balance between work and play, friends and studies, family life and independence.

The LIT ENGAGE Programme supports students’ transition to and retention in third level during the first 8 weeks of Semester 1. On each campus, student leaders will be available to assist you providing:

  • A welcoming and friendly face at the LIT Welcome Hub / Student Desk
  • Information about student services and campus life
  • Relevant updates on the ENGAGE programme
  • Assistance with IT skills by delivering support workshops
  • Real time updates and supports on student timetables
  • Information & assistance with financial matters (i.e. referral to websites, online resources and Fees and Grants)
  • Download our Student Handbook

Together with on-campus Student Leaders the ENGAGE programme provides students with the opportunity to actively engage in college life, get to grips with their course, join a club or society, become a volunteer and develop a personal toolkit to live a healthy balanced and enjoyable lifestyle. Each week is tailored with different events to promote and support a positive start in LIT.