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Social Science Courses

Social Science Courses

Are you a ‘people person’ who has a passion for helping others in need? Join one of our most popular disciplines and enter a learning environment which will equip you for a highly rewarding career in social care, early childhood care, or community & addiction work. Check out our list of social science courses below.

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CAO Code
CAO Points
Level 8 Courses
LC292 Social Care Work - BA (Honours) 374 Moylish, Limerick
LC612 Social Care Work - BA (Honours) 309 Ennis
LC402 Social Care Work - BA (Honours) 228 Thurles
LC297 Community & Addiction Studies - BA (Honours) 262 Moylish, Limerick
LC393 Early Childhood Education & Care - BA (Honours) 276 Moylish, Limerick
LC324 Applied Psychology - BSc (Hons) New for 2022 Moylish, Limerick
Level 7 Courses
LC602 Social Care Work - BA 251 Ennis

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