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TUS has a dynamic, interactive and supportive campus environment. The dedication and commitment of our staff and students is reflected in the energy and enthusiasm that extends to every aspect of our goal to support a positive student experience.

We also recognise that college life can be challenging and to support students we provide a comprehensive range of student services.

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Students have many opportunities to participate in activities that support their academic, cultural, social, sporting interests and preferences.

Join a Club or Society

Involvement in a club or society is definitely a great way to make new friends and meet new people and helps in making the transition from school to college an easier one. We encourage students to get involved in activities outside of academic work through the many sports clubs and societies available in TUS. 

Engage in LIT

Our Student Engage programme for incoming first year students is designed to give you the tools you will need to successfully navigate college life, and as you settle into college and find your feet, this programme will give you all the important information you need about campus life and supports in TUS. 

Stay Healthy

Our fantastic Health and Wellbeing series is available on demand and provides great tips on nutrition, home workouts, desk mobility and self-care. These are all important tools to have you looking and feeling your best throughout the busy college year.  

Financial Support

Going to college is a brilliant experience but it can also be quite expensive. At TUS, we understand the financial pressures and strains that many students and their families face during the college year. We run a number of initiatives to assist students with their day-to-day costs of attending college including sports scholarships and other financial initiatives. Click here to visit our student finance page.

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